Who is Tenley?

Hi, my name is Tenley! Just a little background about myself– I fell in love with this sport of gymnastics at age 6 and started competing at age 7. It was at that young age that I found my passion. The thrill of competing is what I love. That year—I won my very first state meet at the Nebraska State Championship and went on to win state over the next few years!

As I grew—so did my passion for this sport! At age 9, I completed level 7 and 8 and again won the Nebraska State Championship. The highlight of my season was getting the Spirit Award from former Olympian, Nadia Comaneci!

When I turned age 10, my whole family moved to Texas so I could chase my dreams and train at Texas Dreams Gymnastics with former Olympian, Kim Zmeskal. I am surrounded by the most amazing coaches and the most incredible athletes that you could ever imagine. This has just fueled my fire and made me work even harder!

At age 11, I competed Level 9. The highlight of my season was qualifying for Western Nationals and hitting 4 for 4 on my events there, which placed me in the top ten in the all-around. I also placed in the top ten on bars and floor and top five on vault.

At age 12, the week before my first level 10 season, I suffered a stress fracture which put me out the entire season. As I recovered, I worked harder than ever in the gym and out to be my very best. Age 13—right before season—the same stress fracture reopened and we immediately put screws in my elbow. It was a grueling couple months—but I truly believe—that without these struggles –I would not be the person that I am today.

Now—age 14, I have more desire than ever to have an amazing season and to ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MOMENT! My elbow is fully healed and my heart and soul have embraced the challenges that I have faced. I am a better person because of it.

These are just the “basics” about me… please read my blog—you will see more about who I TRULY am as a person. Over the last couple years –I have found that I am sooo much more than JUST a gymnast. My true happiness is in helping others and making a difference—I love volunteering, organizing donations and food drives for those in need, and making heating pads for those at the Children’s hospital and Cancer Center. Making a difference is my MAIN goal now. I will continue to strive for progression every single day in gymnastics and school —but now I know that one person CAN make a difference and change the world. Why can’t it be me?

Check out my photos, videos and blog or even follow me on social media. I LOVE gymnastics and love sharing the joys of it with everyone.

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